All vessels taking part in the Funchal 500 Tall Ships Regatta are listed below. An email address is provided for those vessels seeking
trainee crew members. The Entry List for Class A ships is now closed!

Todos os veleiros participantes na Regata de Grandes Veleiros Funchal 500 anos estão inferiormente listados. Um e-mail é providenciado para aqueles Veleiros que procuram tripulantes. As inscrições para os Veleiros Class A estão encerradas!

Vessel name   /  Nome do Veleiro
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Class Classe
Race 1
   Etapa 1

Race 2

Etapa 2

Alexander von Humboldt Germany A Yes
Astrid Netherlands A Yes Yes
Capitan Miranda Uruguay A Yes Yes Military
Challenger 1 UK D Yes Yes
Challenger 4 UK D Yes Yes
Creoula Portugal A No Yes Military


Mexico A Yes Yes Military
Endeavour UK D Yes Yes Military
Far Barcelona Spain B Yes No
Gedania Poland C Yes Yes
Juan de Langara Spain C Yes Yes
Kaliakra Bulgaria A Yes Yes
Mir Russia A Yes Yes
Pelican UK A Yes Yes
Pogoria Poland A Yes Yes
Sedov Russia A Yes Yes
Shabab Oman Oman A Yes Yes Military
Spaniel Latvia C Yes Yes
Steppe Belgium D Yes No
Tecla Netherlands B Yes Yes
Viva Latvia C No Yes