Ilhavo (Port of Aveiro), Portugal
20 - 23 September

The Port of Aveiro is located in the municipality of Ílhavo, in the Centre North of Portugal, in a plain coastal area in between the Ria de Aveiro and the Ocean.

Ílhavo has a long maritime tradition and, in the last century, was a an important centre for the shipbuilding and repairs. Nowadays, fishing, both shallow and deep sea, along with cod drying and fish processing play a vital role in its economy.

Ílhavo is a municipality that has the sea engrained inits culture, history and geography. It is the sea that brought commerce and prosperity to the region and the sea which provides food and an income for many of those who live and work there. Today, the region flourishes as a main tourist destination, visitors drawn to the area by the beautiful beaches of Barra and Costa Nova.


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