Tenerife, Canary Islands 14 - 17 May

Tenerife is the Island Capital of Canary Islands’ archipelago. For five hundred years its harbour, sheltered by the Anaga mountain range, has been a safe haven against the prevailing north easterly winds for seafarers navigating the Atlantic Ocean. James Cook, during his last voyage at the helm of the Endeavour, sought shelter here in 1776 as did William Bligh, commanding the Bounty, in 1778 and Charles Darwin, in 1882, on board the Beagle.

Tenerife's port is currently a modern and vibrant harbour, safe and within ten minutes walking distance of the city centre. It has become a favourite port of call for tourist cruisers given its magnificent facilities and the variety of landscapes which can be found on the Island. On clear days, ships sailing from the North are able to spot the peak of Mount Teide (altitude 3,718 m) from many kilometers away.

The Island has two international airports at 10 and 50 Km from the port and with a broad range of hotels, the Island receives five million tourists per year.

There are excellent services, such as Maritime Rescue, tug boats, helicopters and aircraft based on the islands, along with public and private hospitals boasting state of the art technology.

This wide range of facilities and services ensures that sailing boats and educational vessels from many countries use the Port of Santa Cruz regularly, as a stop over before crossing the Atlantic.


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