Bermuda 11 - 15 June

BERMUDA - a small island of 21sq. miles in the middle of the Atlantic with 65.000 inhabitants, will host the Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge from 11 - 15 June, 2009. Hamilton is our capital city, but whether you drive, ride or sail, you can easily reach both ends of the island!

This will be our 5th Tall Ship Event, and 2009 marks the 400th Anniversary of permanent settlement. This special milestone will involve a year-long celebration for Bermudians but having the Tall Ships as our special guests during the Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge will be the highlight of our summer festivities!

The Island, one of Britain’s oldest self-governing colonies, has a semi-tropical climate with warm turquoise sea, beautiful beaches and deep safe harbors. We boast the most northern coral reefs in the world. Our sea-faring island is also the 4th most remote, permanently inhabited island in the world. When you sail into Bermuda the first thing that will greet you is the smell of our beautiful flowers, and the first thing that you’ll see will be the smiling faces of the friendly Bermudian people.

While we are a small island in the middle of the Atlantic, the Tall Ships and their ships’ companies, their Captains, crews and sail trainees can be assured of a big welcome and a memorable experience unlike any other.

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