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The Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge 2009 is a spectacular odyssey around the North Atlantic Ocean of more than 7,000 nautical miles following the traditional route taken by sailing ships of a by-gone age.

For up-to-date news and pictures of the event, please visit www.tallshipsraces.org

The event starts in April and concludes in August 2009. A fleet of Tall Ships will compete in each leg of the race which is open to any monohull sailing vessel that complies with the Sail Training International Racing and Sailing Rules and Special Regulations.

Anyone with a sense of adventure can sign up to take part as a trainee crew member in any of the race legs for an experience of a lifetime!

Sailing in the Challenge will be exciting and competitive … and host ports in mainland Spain, the Canary Islands, Bermuda, the US, Canada and Northern Ireland are preparing a fabulous welcome for the fleet and trainee crews.

Find out more about:

Course of the race and the host ports

How to enter

How to sign up as crew


Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge brochure


The Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge 2009 is organised by Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge Limited (a wholly owned company of Sail Training International) in collaboration with the American Sail Training Association (a member of Sail Training International). Host ports and activities outside the USA are organised by Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge Limited. Host ports and activities in the USA are organised by the American Sail Training Association.